Student Comments

General Biology

  • This course has probably been my absolute favorite here at TMCC. I was extremely nervous entering this class because I have never taken Biology; however, Professor Salem has made it so enjoyable and has taught me so much about Biology and life in general. I am so glad that my first experience with Biology went so well thanks to Professor Salem.
  • I really like how well organized this class was. I always knew what was due, what assignments I had to do, and the feedback the instructor provided. I really enjoyed the videos the instructor created for us, and the worksheets for the video were great because it made sure you were paying attention to the video and not just watching it because you had to.

Biology for Non-Majors

  • I really liked the organization and pace of this course. I had failed bio100 last semester and I felt like I learned more in the last 3 weeks than i did in the 3 month course.
  • Our professor made this an enjoyable experience despite not being able to do labs in person. He found ways to make it a hands on fun learning experience.
  • I loved the chapter videos! They were fairly engaging and made it easy to learn that weeks concepts!

General Biology Lab

  • There was always a ton of different assignments, but not busy work, on one subject so I felt like I got a lot of different ways to understand and learn the materials.
  • I felt like this was a work heavy course for a one credit class but I enjoyed the material and the teacher.

Peer Reviewers

General Biology Fall 2020

  • Even though the lectures are short, I think there could be a few moments where the students have to pause, answer a question, or solve a problem. For example, another punnet square problem to do during the lecture. This would help to increase active learning by students. During a dihybrid cross, I think it is helpful to show alleles together (for example show it like PWGY. This makes it easier for students to follow).
  • I think the class is highly organized and easy to follow! Christian has developed an excellent online course with lots of opportunities to learn the material in a variety of ways. The recorded lecture was truly amazing to watch. I thought the explanation of the addition and multiplication rule was really effective! It is clear that Christian enjoys teaching and I feel lucky to have him as an instructor in our department.